Case Studies

The GTS Impact The Outcome
Mobile Power Management System Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits from GTS Test & Replace™ and Battery Color-Coding™
Identify and Replace Failing Batteries Marion County Indiana benefits from a healthy battery fleet and accurate budgeting with GTS Test & Replace
Eliminate Unhealthy Batteries GTS reduces device failures and maintenance costs for larger national retailer
Customized Solutions GTS creates a complete suite of batteries and chargers for full-shift operation in San Antonio 
Individual Attention A company saves on shipping costs when GTS delivers thousands of batteries to employees
Second Source Strategy A leading logistics company creates freedom from the OEM with GTS as a second source
Full-shift Runtimes GTS increases productivity and decreases wasted time and money with high performance batteries
Cost Savings A large regional shipping company saves over $700K by switching to GTS powered holsters