GTS can help speed up your retail comeback!

Managing thousands of mobile devices and buying new batteries from Zebra®, Honeywell®, Motorola®, Intermec® and others, is costing your enterprise $$ millions.

We can help your enterprise to:

  • Immediately cut costs.
  • Improve performance.
  • Postpone CAPEX.
  • Increase your selling space.

In distribution centers and stores:

  • Stop buying replacement batteries you do not need: we can save you 25% or more.
  • We will install, up to 50 free batteries to prove the point: no cost, no obligation.
  • We can also reduce the space used for charging these things by 50% or more, and convert it to sales.

Contact us to learn why UPS, FedEx, top 100 retailers, thousands of public safety organizations, the U.S. Government, and many more, all use GTS batteries and chargers as a trusted resource.

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