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Why You Need GTS Battery Replacement Services.

The Challenge: There is a worldwide shortage of batteries for your mobile scanners, printers, two-way radios, and other voice and data communications devices.

  • Zebra, Honeywell, Motorola, etc., lead times are now as long as 10-12 months.
  • Battery prices have increased by up to 50%. Many are now $100 or more.
  • Sole Source: Many devices are now encrypted to eliminate competition and force customers to buy only OEM batteries.

This has created a crisis in Retail, Logistics, & Public Safety.

The GTS Solution: A unique Cloud-Based battery supply and control system.

  • Used by industry leaders such as FedEx and UPS.
  • Keeps mission-critical devices running without interruption.
  • Direct replacement, budgeting and reporting for each customer location.
  • All batteries, regardless of the manufacturer, are supplied and managed.
  • Cuts battery, labor and device service costs.

Fresh replacement batteries are available for all devices including Zebra®, Honeywell®, Motorola®, Panasonic®, Spectralink®, HHP®, and many more.

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How GTS Services Solves these Challenges:

  • Centralized direct online ordering portal and help desk available for each location.
  • A unique “Tag” is placed on each battery, and it is shipped direct to each customer location when needed.
  • Each battery is tracked until it is recycled.
  • Recommended replacement times and budgets are provided for each battery based on its usage profile.
  • Recycling cash credits are available for every battery recycled through GTS.

GTS services are compatible with all OEM device service and battery replacement plans

More Information:

  • The costs of powering and maintaining mobile devices are even greater than the initial investment. The lifetime cost of batteries and service are 3X the cost of the device.
  • Bad batteries charge up faster than good ones, so workers prefer them.
  • Bad batteries must be removed and recycled ASAP!
  • One battery failure will result in 45 to 80 minutes of worker downtime.
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GTS Services: Cuts costs, reduces inventories, reduces device downtime & service costs, and increases productivity.

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