Increasing Productivity with Full-shift Runtimes

The Challenge

One online retailer uses huge distribution centers around the country to ship thousands of orders a day. Their larger facilities,have up to 600 workers using Symbol® mobile computers each shift to scan products. Unfortunately, users were only getting 3-4 hours of runtime from the Symbol batteries. After each battery lost power, our customer estimated that they could lose up to 40 minutes of productivity swapping them for new ones.

The Solution

The retailer decided to switch from low-performing OEM batteries to high-performance GTS batteries. To further increase productivity, GTS conducted a site survey that determined the customer would be better suited to use a Li-Ion battery, not the NiCd batteries they were using previously.

The Result

After switching to GTS, employees were able to use their scanners full-shift. Over time, they upgraded their devices to support Li-Ion batteries, and are now getting 12 hours of run time. Switching to GTS dramatically increased the customer’s productivity by eliminating wasted time.