GTS Creates Second Source Strategy

The Challenge

One of the world’s leading logistics companies relies on a sophisticated package tracking system to ensure accurate and timely delivery. Employees use an exclusive proprietary Motorola® device to scan packages during the delivery process. As the only customer for this particular Motorola device, they were dependent upon Motorola for technical service and resupply. After waiting over 24 weeks for important replacement batteries, the company decided to look into alternative options for service. 

The Solution

The customer determined that a second source would free them from reliance on Motorola’s resupply and protect their devices from becoming obsolete if their batteries were discontinued. Because GTS is committed to supporting their batteries and ensuring resupply in less than half of Motorola’s lead time, we were awarded a second-source contract with the customer.

The Result

GTS was able to give the customer peace of mind that their batteries and devices would be in stock and supported for as long as needed. As a result of our success in meeting the customer’s testing protocol and delivery schedule, we were awarded another second-source contract. The customer is no longer solely reliant on the OEM for resupply. Learn more about the GTS product line.