Large National Retailer Conducts Battery Test & Replace™

Retailer experiences immediate increase in productivity and lower maintenance costs.

A large national retailer recognized the impact unhealthy batteries were having on its mobile operations. Workers constantly complained of swapping batteries mid-shift and managers saw increasing device maintenance costs. The retailer called GTS as a trusted mobile power expert to solve these problems.

GTS worked with RGIS to deliver the Battery Test & Replace™ service. Independent RGIS auditors visited all retail stores across the United States and tested all of their batteries based on detailed testing parameters developed and approved in advance by the customer. Unhealthy batteries were removed from the store and replaced on the spot with fresh batteries.

The retailer benefited from an immediate improvement in productivity and a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Devices were operating for full shift, service calls fell by 64%, and NTFs declined by 94%.

Mobile workers and store managers were very pleased with the program:

This program really helped us out because these devices get so much use and we rely on them so much, especially during this time of year. With the new batteries, equipment performance is better than ever. I hope our batteries get refreshed again before the holidays next year!

Everything went smoothly with the RGIS auditors doing the testing. They were in and out quickly, didn’t cause a disruption in the store, and when they left we knew we had removed unhealthy batteries and were using only the strongest batteries!”

We had lots of problems with our batteries before this test. We had some that didn’t work at all but were still sitting in the equipment closet, and the rest wouldn’t last a full shift. Workers would grab a battery but didn’t know if it was good or bad. This program quickly addressed the problem for us.”

Test & Replace™ Stats

  • Visited almost 2,000 stores across the U.S.
  • Visited more than 190 stores in a single day
  • Tested over 130,000 batteries for three unique OEM devices
  • Completed entire program in 1 month
  • Reduced device service calls by 64%
  • Reduced maintenance NTFs by 94%