GTS Creates Huge Cost Savings

The Challenge

A large regional shipping company needed an updated wireless infrastructure. After choosing Motorola’s MC70/75 devices, they ran a pilot which uncovered serious battery run-time issues with the new devices. Because of complicated software and high-power GPS, users were getting a performance of less than three hours.

The Solution

To correct these glaring problems, the company started using GTS Charging Holsters. Because each holster includes a spare battery, vehicle charger, and holster, it eliminated the need to purchase extra accessories for their devices.

The Result

After switching to our powered holsters, they increased battery run time by 400%, allowing them 12-14 hours of power and peace of mind that their new devices ran properly. As stated by the Network Operations Manager at this company,

We found that with a fully charged holster and scanner, even our busiest drivers are now able to complete their day without the need of a car charger or vehicle-mounted cradle.”

By cutting out the need for accessories, the company was able to save over $700K.

woman scanning a package on a conveyer belt