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NEOCELL LiP Battery for LPE200 Radios

The NEOCELL® powered H202-LiP battery maximizes the performance and safety of LPE 200 radios. Don’t invest in new radios, simply upgrade your battery and experience the NEOCELL difference:

  • Increased talk times
  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Lighter weight
  • 40% more charge cycles

H202-LIP battery is compliant with the following chargers:

Advance Tec single /dual bay  charger: PN AT1000 NPC w/ LPE200 adapter
Advance Charger Technologies 6 bay charger: PN  I 65 w/ iGER14 NCD adapter
M/A Com single bay charger: PN BML 161 78/5 R6A
Ericsson single bay charger: PN BML 161 51/505 R2A
M/A Com-Ericsson EVC charger: PNBML 161 67/32 R8A

Product Features:

  • Contains the highest quality battery cells
  • Provides longer cycle life
  • Extends operating time and reduces the total number of batteries needed
  • Rigorous testing including temperature, vibration, shock, drop, short circuit, and overcharge
  • Dramatically reduced weight

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Product Specifications

Capacity: 2850

Chemistry: LIP

Voltage: 7.4

Dimensions: 62.37 x 34.73 x 109.05


OEM Models: LPE200

OEM Part Numbers: BKB191203

Weight: 266

Warranty: 24 MONTHS