Testimonials for Two-way Radio Products

After a little more than two months, Washoe County is very pleased with our decision to switch to the GTS Lithium Polymer Battery. We have already realized a close to three-fold increase in battery life compared to other batteries. An added benefit has been the lighter weight of the GTS battery. Our patrol personnel have been enthusiastic with our decision.”

Shawn Tayler, Radio Network Administrator
Washoe County Regional Communications System

We have deployed your product in the field for 5 months now, and have had no failures with the batteries, and only two failures with chargers that your company has quickly rectified. The batteries perform much better than publicized, and many officers only charge their batteries once a week. I personally used my issued battery over a special operation in Las Vegas, working 4 twelve hour shifts without recharging the battery.

At the present time, I have 95 – P7200 radios and will purchase batteries and chargers from you for this equipment. Your batteries have made our portables more functional in the field, and I will not send a new unit to the field without a GTS battery. I believe a non-functional radio is a greater officer safety issue than a non-functional firearm.”

Sgt. Bradley Smith, Radio Program Manager
Nevada Highway Patrol Division

When we gave back the other batch of lithium batteries it became quite apparent that the batteries lasted substantially longer than the original batteries distributed with the radios. The newest set of GTS lithium batteries lasted at least 24 to 48 hours when left on. I’ve gone three eight hour shifts without charging the battery.”

Warren Izumigawa
Honolulu Police Department

…all four deputies [which she had assigned to use the batteries] reported the batteries maintained a charge of 40 hours before needing to be recharged. Each deputy also reported a noticed [sic] difference in the ability to receive and transmit information over their HTs. All four deputies reported their HTs maintained excellent reception with the new batteries & every time they keyed their microphone, they were able to get out on their HT. Not one of the deputies experienced any radio problems while using the new battery. At the end of the test, all four of the deputies asked if they could keep the battery that was assigned to them.”

Sgt. Jackie Horton
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department


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