GTS NEOCELL Technology

NEOCELL® lithium polymer batteries are engineered to provide users with reliable, long lasting power in the toughest industrial and public safety settings. NEOCELL is proven to exceed the performance of other battery chemistries.

NEOCELL lithium polymer batteries feature: neocell battery

  • Increased cycle life
  • Longer runtimes
  • Lighter weight
  • Wider temperature operating range
  • Safer battery chemistry
  • Lowest self-discharge rate
  • Industry leading warranty


Customer Testimonials

We are very pleased with our decision to switch to GTS NEOCELL batteries. Our officers and fire personnel have realized a three-fold increase in battery life. Our radios now run for extended shifts lasting 18 hours with no problems. ”

Shawn Taylor
Washoe County, NV

We decided to run a life cycle test on a NEOCELL battery using a Cadex C7400 analyzer and the results showed the battery could be charged and discharged 1200 times before hitting the 80% capacity mark for degradation. Our results exceeded GTS’s own testing.”

Jeff Kludy
Lansing, MI

Officer holding Neocell battery

NEOCELL Technology

GTS NEOCELL technology is a unique lithium polymer chemistry offering a high-performance alternative to traditional lithium ion batteries. Ideal for use in critical, high-stress applications, these light-weight batteries dramatically improve the performance of your most important two way radios.