Value Added Resellers

Partner Deal Registration Rules/Requirements

  • Only valid for Qualified Opportunities of $10,000.00 or higher
  • Deal Registration Form must be filled out completely.
  • Reseller must describe engagement with and knowledge of client and opportunity in the Notes on form.
  • Reseller must provide proof of engagement either by engaging with customer and GTS on phone or physical meeting or by forwarding relevant email exchanges with customer about GTS.
  • Deal Registration Form must be approved by GTS.  Generally, this will be within 3 business days of receipt.
  • Registered Deal Lasts for 180 days from submission date, though extension may be requested with proof of activity and reasons for delay.
  • Only one Partner will be allowed to Register a specific Deal/Opportunity with a specific contact at a specific location.  First come, first served.
  • GTS cannot guarantee that another reseller will not also bid on the opportunity, but GTS will only work with the reseller who registered the deal and will not take the deal direct.
  • GTS will participate on additional calls or physical meetings with the end user when requested.
  • Deal Registrant cannot also pitch a GTS competitor to the registered deal.
  • Deal Registrant may request a Price Exception and will receive best price from GTS.

Partner Deal Registration Form

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    CRN MSP 500 and Elite 150