The Last Charger You’ll Ever Need

At GTS, we have designed a unique mobile device battery charger that is:

  • Timeless: never be forced to change your charger due to a device change or upgrade ever again!
  • Manufacturer-Agnostic: this charger enables you to charge different OEM devices or batteries all in one charger, making new device implementations a breeze.
  • Adaptable: need to charge different batteries or devices at the same time? No problem! This charger allows you to charge a variety of mobile devices quickly and easily.



  • A Gen III charger base with an extruded brushed aluminum frame.
  • Molded end caps enclose the ends of the extrusion for protection, stability, and a finished appearance.
  • The X-Charger™ base and power supply never need to be changed or replaced as future device or battery model changes inevitably occur.


The heart of the X-Charger™ is the adapter insert which is interchangeable with other “slices” to form a complete charger.

  • Adapters are slid into position on the charger frame and electrical connections are made with a power bus arrangement.
  • The adapter takes the power provided and converts the energy into a controlled charge specifically for the devices/batteries being charged.
  • The existing adapters can simply be replaced with new or different adapters for a new charger setup.
  • All this can be done in the field by a technician with minimum effort or training.


  • A timeless charger: never purchase another charger again, even when upgrading to a new device!
  • Self-contained, configurable, and flexible for charging any device or battery.
  • Reconfiguring is fast and easy.
  • Field maintainable with “plug and play” adapters to create minimal charging disruptions.
  • Never lose charging capacity due to a “bad cavity” in a multi-bay charger—simply swap it out for a new one.
  • Adapters can be tailored to meet the needs of an application now or in the future, with the option of additional capabilities such as: fast charge, SOH indication, date code, 80% charge, etc.
  • Reduced ownership, maintenance, and shipping costs (if/when repairs are needed).
  • Infrastructure never changes once X-Charger™ is in place.
  • Allows for partial changeovers until a new device is fully field tested and implemented.
  • Economical and environmental-friendly adapters eliminate the need to dispose of legacy equipment.

For more information on the X-Charger™ email us at sales@gtspower.com.