Product Brands: Lenovo

Find the GTS products that are compatible with your Lenovo devices here.


OEM Model GTS Part No. Chemistry Capacity Description
No Image Available Lenovo T60 HIBMT60-LI(46) LI-ION 5200
HLT400-LI(84) Lenovo T400 HLT400-LI(84) LI-ION 8400
HLT410-LI(56) Lenovo T410/510/W5 HLT410-LI(56) LI-ION 5600
HLT500-LI(56) Lenovo T500/T61/T6 HLT500-LI(56) LI-ION 5600
HX200-LI(56) Lenovo X201/X200 Series HX200-LI(56) LI-ION 5600
HLT500-LI(84) Lenovo T500/T61/T6 HLT500-LI(84) LI-ION 8400
No Image Available Lenovo HLX200-LI(78) LI-ION 7800
HLX60-LI(56) Lenovo X60 HLX60-LI(56) LI-ION 5600