Powered Holsters

5-in-1 Charging Holsters

GTS offers unique products and services that keep your team powered outside the four walls. With these comfortable and rugged holsters, you can be ensured your battery will be charged and ready to use for a full shift.

GTS charging holsters support many mobile devices. These products are ideal for mobile employees don’t have time to return to the store to change a battery. Allow your employees to have the most run time and ultimately the best productivity.

Great features on these charging holsters include:

  • Adjustable clips securely hold the device
  • AC cables for easy charging
  • Continuous charge provides up to 3X the life
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • USB connectivity for easy transfer of data with a USB cable

Enable More Possiblities: Powered charging holsters are ideal for initiatives including same dat delivery, BOPIS, curbside pick-up, and bike delivery.

Charging Holsters

Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000




Motorola MC55/65/67

HMC70 Holster

Symbol MC70/MC75

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