See why bad batteries cause big problems.

Your organization runs on mobility—mobility runs on batteries. In this video, learn how you can optimize your operations with our mobile power solutions.

GTS Power-as-a-Service

Agencies depend on two way radios to stay connected in the field. But these agencies don’t have a way to control their inventory. GTS introduces a solution: Power-as-a-Service. Learn more by watching this video.

GTS Battery Test and Replace Service (Part 1 Video)

Learn how Test & Replace:

  • Reduces NTFs
  • Eliminates excessive spending on spare devices
  • Saves money on depot repair costs and other related charges

GTS Battery Test & Replace Service (Part 2)

Try Battery Test & Replace Service from GTS to learn how to avoid sending devices to the OEM depot repair center. This on-site service identifies and removes unhealthy batteries from store locations for better inventory management.