Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Local Communities

The spirit of philanthropy is integral to our corporate philosophy at GTS. We strongly believe in providing help to others. We participate in outreach programs to communities affected by natural disasters by assisting local first responders in times of crisis. We also support organizations dedicated to various social and health programs.

Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability Efforts

GTS is committed to providing companies with an environmentally sustainable power management program. We start by working with suppliers who themselves are committed to the environment – companies such as GE, Sanyo and Texas Instruments. Our manufacturing process utilizes recycled materials where viable and is designed to minimize waste. In addition, our products are shipped in environmentally sensitive packaging.

Our emphasis on quality results in longer lasting products requiring fewer replacements over the lifetime of our customers’ devices. We work closely with our customers to help manage their batteries when they have reached the end of their lives. We design programs for our customers in collaboration with Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation to properly dispose of used batteries. These batteries are then processed using a thermal recovery process that reclaims the metals (nickel, iron, cadmium, lead, and cobalt) from the batteries and prepares them for use in new products such as new batteries and stainless steel.

Recycling not only keeps waste from ending up in landfills, but also ensures that you are disposing your batteries in a manner consistent with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

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 All GTS Managed Services Include Free Recycling